Archon organisation

ARCHON’s educational activities are organized in close collaboration with, and hosted by its member institutions. In addition, ARCHON represents the interests of academic archaeology in the Netherlands by having a representative in the Central Committee of Experts (CCvD).

ARCHON office
ARCHON’s educational tasks are delegated to the ARCHON Office. As of January 2018 it is established at the Faculty of Humanities of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU). The ARCHON Office takes care of daily affairs and the communication, coordination and organisation of educational activities.

ARCHON Research School of Archaeology
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Faculty  of Humanities
De Boelelaan 1105, kamer 14A-99
1081 HV Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Tel: + 31 (0)20 598 28 48

Dr. Philip Verhagen, scientific director
IJk van Hattum MSc, coordinator

ARCHON board
ARCHON is directed by a board meeting four times a year.

Prof. Daan Raemaekers, chair (RUG, professor of European Prehistory)
Prof. Harry Fokkens (UL, professor of European Prehistory)
Prof. Vladimir Stissi (UvA, professor of Classical Archaeology and Art History of the Ancient World).
Dr. Roel Lauwerier (RCE, specialist in archaeozoology)
Prof. Nico Roymans (VU, professor of the Northwest European Archaeology).
Dr. Philip Verhagen (VU, assistant professor)

Archon Steering Committee
The ARCHON Steering Committee supports the ARCHON Office in developing its educational programme. It meets three times a year to discuss event proposals and other activities.

Jacoline Buirma (LU, RMA student)
Prof. Jan Paul Crielaard (VU, professor in Mediterranean Pre- and Protohistory)
Dr. Jill Hillditch (UvA, associate professor)
Inge van der Jagt MA (RCE, specialist in archaeozoology)
Dr. Lidewijde de Jong (RUG, University Lecturer in the Department of Archaeology)
Walter Laan MA (Archol, GIS specialist)
Anna Meens MA (UvA, PhD student)
Karen de Vries MA (RUG, PhD student)