Workshop Photographing Archaeological Objects – 4 – 5 December 2019

Nowadays, everyone has a digital camera at their disposal, either an expensive SLR or “just” a mobile phone. That does not mean that everyone can take good photos.

Purpose of the course:

In this introductory course you will become acquainted with the basic principles of photography and you will be able to take good photos of archaeological objects yourself in an excavation or in a museum with limited resources.

The course is divided in two parts, a theoretical and a practical part. Not everyone can attend the practical on the same day. Students from the RUG get priority to attend the practical on the same day.*

Day 1

9.30-13.00: Theoretic part Basic principles of photography (group of 12 persons)

  • Basic concepts: shutter speed and aperture, iso value, depth of field, motion blur.
  • Lenses and focal length: when do you use a telephoto lens and when do you use a wide-angle lens?
  • The effect of light and shadow: how do you get the most information from an object
  • The correct setup for photographing archaeological objects
  • “Understand” the settings of a camera and the operation of your own camera.

13.30-17.00: Workshop Photographing archaeological objects, group 1 (Only 4 people! The rest comes back the next day for the morning/afternoon workshop)!

With the acquired knowledge, we practice photographing archaeological objects in pairs on the basis of various assignments.

Day 2

9.30-13:00: Workshop Photographing archaeological objects, group 2 (4 persons)

13.30-17.00: Workshop Photographing archaeological objects, group 3 (4 persons)


*Students from the RUG that have to travel to Amsterdam twice because there aren’t enough spots on day 1 get their travel expenses reimbursed for the second day (on top of the annual 40 euros travel expenses to and from Groningen which all Archon members can apply for).

Date, time and EC’s
Date: 4 – 5 December 2019.

Location: UvA (specific building and room to be announced).

EC: Archon members get 1 EC for participation, reading the binder before