In the Netherlands research master students and PhD students of the Faculty of Humanities are required to become a member of a research school, where they have to enroll for 5 EC in education. ARCHON organizes at least 10-15 EC in education on a yearly basis. ARCHON recognises four types of courses:

1) intensive courses or workshops (1-2 days);
2) skill courses;
3) research seminars;
4) field schools.

The first two are organised by the ARCHON bureau, the latter two are (semester) courses that are locally organised, but are open for ARCHON students.

Intensive courses or workshops focus on a particular theme or body of data and its interpretation. They are organised by one or two principal investigators from the ARCHON community. Intensive  courses are often international because ARCHON stimulates (and financially facilitates) the invitation of international counterparts and their research students. By participating in these intensive courses through reading, assignments and discussion, students are introduced to a specific research style of the research  groups involved in the course. Intensive courses are graded on the basis of a written essay (see about credits ), which combines both insights gained from discussion during the course and required literature. Research master and PhD students also have the opportunity to organize a workshop, the guidelines are available here

Skill courses are courses offered that are specific for archaeological research such as the use of GIS tools, indesign and graphic tools. These courses generally contain practical assignments.

Research seminars are organised by the member institutes and represent research of the staff. In these seminars (5-10 EC) research projects, research problems, theoretical approaches to data, etc. are discussed. For RMA students this is an excellent manner of getting to know the research style of research groups (and their leaders) in other universities and chair groups.

Field schools are one of the most  intensive ways of getting acquainted with research styles and topics of different chair groups for an archaeologist. Field-schools are organised in different countries, ranging from the Caribbean to the Mediterranean to Russia, and general involve the PhD and MA community of a particular research group.