Event Funding

ARCHON event funding

ARCHON offers the possibility of funding academic events organized by RMA and PhD students as well as staff members of the ARCHON affiliated institutes.

These 1-day events can be organized year-round and should be broad-themed. Events can be workshops, conferences, or short intensive courses within the ARCHON sphere of general interest. The available budget is max. €1000,00 per event. ARCHON will support, for instance, the accommodation and travel costs of international speakers, and may also fund general costs based on the discretion of the ARCHON Education Board.

Events will only be sponsored if the following conditions are met:

  • The event must be broad-themed.
  • Organizers are encouraged to actively work together with scholars from the ARCHON affiliated institutions (RUG, VU, RCE, UvA, VU). Please contact your ARCHON Education Board member if you need inter-university assistance.
  • The organisers of the event (RMA, PhD students or staff) are members of ARCHON.
  • A provisional budget of the event is provided and established beforehand, as well as the written agreement of the ARCHON Education Board. The final sponsored amount is determined on the basis of original receipts.

How to apply:
Request for sponsoring an event can be sent to the ARCHON Education Board

The request should contain the following documents:

  • Motivation letter explaining why the event should be organised.
  • Overview of the program (i.e. topic, approximate date and number of participants, location, contact person on the ARCHON Education Board).
  • A provisional budget of the event.