Beyond Malinowski: reconnecting archaeology and anthropology

‘Beyond Malinowski’ reconnecting archaeology and anthropology

Credits: 1 EC
Date: February 21, 2019 13:00-17:00
Venue: Faculty of Archaeology, van Steenisgebouw, Leiden University
Cost: free
Registration deadline: 15 February

Most archaeologists have some basic knowledge of anthropology and ethnography. Every archaeologist has heard of Malinowski’s Kula Ring and Mauss’ Essay sur le don. Occasionally archaeologists even apply their anthropological knowledge to aid them in interpreting their datasets. Without meaning to diminish the importance of Malinowski’s and Mauss’ works, surely archaeology should not ignore the myriad anthropological perspectives developed in the intervening years? At the same time, if archaeology is anthropology or nothing (Willey and Phillips, 1958), then the archaeological perspective might be valuable for anthropology as well. How can both disciplines benefit from one another? Stichting Archaeological Dialogues invites both archaeologists and anthropologists to join the discussion in order to reconnect both disciplines.

Speakers of different backgrounds will share their experiences and views on this topic. Confirmed speakers are:

  • Mirjam Kars (University of Amsterdam)
  • Pieter ter Keurs (Leiden University)
  • Caroline Jeffra (University of Amsterdam)
  • Jeltsje Stobbe (University of Amsterdam)

Please register before February 15 via the online registration form here.

Credits: You can receive 1 EC if you participate the first full day and hand in a written report.