9 Feb 2018 – TMA-symposium: Public Works

9 Feb 2018
TMA-symposium: Public Works

No city without public works. In order to create a functioning and thriving city, its people will inevitably need to invest in communal architectural projects such as infrastructure, open facilities, public spaces and public buildings. However, such buildings did not solely have a utilitarian function. From aqueduct to amphitheater and from park to public toilet: public works play an important social, political and economic role. At the same time, their architecture offers a place for elites to showcase their wealth and power through ostentation.

This symposium explores the variety of functions public works have had and the diverse roles they have played in ancient Mediterranean societies. In addition, to bridge past and present, we want to reflect on how these public works of the past continue to play important roles in present-day societies. More information is available on the website on TMA.


–  Dr. Tymon de Haas (Universität zu Köln)
–  Drs. Pieter Houten (Leiden University)
–  Dr. Gemma Jansen
–  Dr. Christina Williamson (University of Groningen)
–  Dr. Nathalie de Haan (Radboud University Nijmegen)
–  Prof. Gert-Jan Burgers & Dr. Matteo Merlino (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)
–  Keynote: Dr. Ann Brysbaert (Leiden University)

This symposium is an ARCHON activity and students can earn 1-2 ECTS by attending the conference and writing a short evaluation report. For more information and registration: symposium@mediterrane-archeologie.nl