Canterbury Christ Church University

Lecturer in Roman and Classical Archaeology. More info.
Closing date: 8 July 2019

CNRS – 5 offers.
University of Poitiers

PhD Studentship in Medieval History. The thesis is part of the program of epigraphy, in the team 3 “Signs, forms and representations” of the CESCM. More info.
Closing date not specified (posted 12 June 2019).

University of Toulouse Jean Jaurès

PhD studentship in Prehistoric Art in Zimbabwe. This PhD considers the role of rock art in the territorial structuring of the Later Stone Age hunter-gatherers in southern Africa, and the settlement behavior dynamics of these societies over time. More info.
Closing date not specified (posted 12 June 2019).


A PhD studentship aimed at developing calcium stable isotopes analyses on fossil teeth and bone remains from various Neanderthals excavated in the Nouvelle Aquitaine Area and from Anatomically Modern Humans coming of the Levantine region. More info.
Closing date not specified (posted 11 June 2019).

Ivry Sur Seine

“Rock activity and troglodyte culture in Lalibela and its region” International Doctoral Fellowship in Historical Archaeology of Ethiopia. More info.

Closing date not specified (posted 7 June 2019).


Thesis studentship in “Cultural heritage in the context of crisis and conflict”. More info.
Closing date not specified (posted 6 June 2019)

Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History

Up to five 3-year funded PhD positions at the Department of Archaeology.
The following fields are eligible: biomolecular archaeology, palaeoproteomics, ZooMS, anthropogenic extinctions, environmental change, archaeobotany, Palaeolithic archaeology, and geoarchaeology. More info. 

Closing date: 30 November 2019

Uppsala University

Department of Archaeology and Ancient History
1) PhD position in Egyptology specializing in archaeology, cultural history, and material culture. More info. 

2) PhD position in Egyptology specialising in text and language. More info. 
Closing date: 16 September 2019