23-24 May & 30-31 May 2017 – Databases for Archaeologists

23-24 May & 30-31 May 2017
Databases for Archaeologists


This 4—day workshops focuses on how we can  best deal with databases in archaeology, i.e. which programmes to use, how to better organize and analyze data (material culture, interviews, GIS).

Topics of interest:
How to design a proper database from scratch (Excel, Access)
What to do with the data: how can we go from long and complex databases, to analyzing data and answering our questions
How to deal with/integrate datasets composed of qualitative and quantitative data.
Data analysis: what statistics programmes work best with what databases and simple exercises to combine both / compatibility between database programmes as well as with processing softwares such as SPSS and Visone (network analysis)

4-day workshop over two weeks with some exercises/homework.

Around 12 (PhD) students that already started generating data to be worked as well as (PhD) students that are still looking for programmes.

Leiden University, computer room.