8-9 and 14 November 2018 – GIS days

GIS days

UvA and VU

3 EC

N.B. UPDATED PROGRAMME! ARCHON organises a GIS course at University of Amsterdam and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam on 8-9 and 14 November for RMA and PhD students in archaeology.

The course will consist of

  • a one-day introductory course in QGIS on 8 November by Jitte Waagen (at UvA);
  • a special topics session on 9 November where you can bring your own data and discuss your project with teachers and other students, led by Philip Verhagen (at UvA).
  • an open afternoon seminar on 14 November, where researchers from the Netherlands will present on-going GIS projects (at VU), with a keynote lecture by dr. Laure Nuninger (CNRS/University of Bourgogne-Franche Comté, France);

Attendance is free of charge for ARCHON members.

The deadline for registration is November 2; please register by sending an email to the ARCHON coordinator (secretary@archonline.nl) with the subject heading ‘ARCHON GIS days’, and specify whether you want to  sign up for the whole event, only for the QGIS course or only for the seminar + special topics session.

ARCHON students can obtain

1 ECT by attending the QGIS course on 8 Nov and finishing the accompanying assignments OR by participating in the seminar and the special topics session on 14-15 Nov;
2 ECTS by attending both;
3 ECTS by also handing in a written report.


8 Nov 09:00 – 12:30 Introduction to QGIS; Data editing
13:30 – 17:00 Basics of data analysis; Visualisation and mapping

9 Nov 09:00 – 12:30 Special topics: viewsheds, least-cost paths, predictive modelling
13:30 – 17:00 Bring Your Own Data

14 Nov 13:00 – 17:00 GIS-day 2018, with presentations by Laure Nuninger, Mark Groenhuijzen, Maurice de Kleijn, Jitte Waagen and Marina Gavryushkina