30-31 October 2018 – Collaborative Filmmaking in Archaeology

Collaborative Filmmaking Approaches in Archaeology and Heritage

University of Leiden

1 EC

Documentaries are gradually becoming an integral part of research programs in archaeological and heritage studies throughout the world. The methods and techniques employed in the design and making of these films are expressions of authorized and/or critical heritage discourses (Smith 2006). Audiovisual recording can be used as both representational and analytical media, not only to capture local and global perspectives, but also social memory and knowledge about archaeological sites, technical traditions and their embodied material culture, dwelling and landscape dynamics, as well as a wide range of ritual and daily practices. As a result, documentary-making, from amateur and informal.

After this event, students will have learnt the basic theoretical and methodological approaches to filmmaking as a form of inclusive research that entails collaborative, bottom-up, participatory, community-led and/or community-managed perspectives. Through the workshops, students will get trained in Film Planning, Visual Development, Sound Design, and Basic Editing. These skills are extremely valuable in both archaeological and heritage oriented projects.

The assignment will consist of making a video / writing a short reflection on the audiovisual product (1,500 words).