Fields of study

As an interuniversity Research School, ARCHON combines education and research in Archaeology in the Humanities and Archaeology Faculties of four Universities. The fields of study combined in ARCHON are very diverse; tools and methods are different and almost per definition multi-disciplinary, both in technical terms as well as in interpretation. ARCHON acknowledges this diversity, but stimulates inter-disciplinary research.

ARCHON aims to create a platform for inspiring academic debate on current archaeological research across these different fields within the discipline. Its ambition is to pursue this in an international setting in order to place ARCHON research in the fore front of academic debates in its many different fields of study. 

ARCHON research is predominantly divided along regional borders. That is because each region has its specific traditions in approaching data, but also in conducting field work and in issues of cultural heritage management. 
Each research field is headed by one or more Principal Investigators (PI's).