DUSANE 2019 – Dutch Symposium of the Ancient Near East


Date and place: 24 April 2019

Time: 13:00 – 19:00

Location: van Steenis (Faculty of Archaeology), Einsteinweg 2, Leiden

Credits: 1 EC for participation and an elaborate reflection report. 1 EC stands for 28 hours of study work, so the reflection report needs to be more than just a sum-up of the day. Incorporate literature and reflect on the theories and research presented during the day. Read more about the reflection report here.

Language: English

Registration: Send an email to dusanecommittee@gmail.com

It is our pleasure to announce the 11th edition of DUSANE, the Dutch Symposium of the Ancient Near East. DUSANE is organized by a collaboration of students who are part of Nabu Na’id, a subgroup of the study association for Archaeology L.A.S. Terra and Pleyte, the study association for Oude Nabije Oosten Studies, both linked to Leiden University. It will be held on the 24th of April, in the main hall of the Faculty of Archaeology at Leiden University.

It’s often common for passionate academic communities to isolate themselves, utterly focused in their own research. Therefore, people from Archaeology, Egyptology, Assyriology, Islamic Studies and other relevant disciplines rarely have a chance to meet, share their research and exchange perspectives and experiences. Our aim is to bridge this gap by bringing together different researchers who work in different regions and specializations within Near Eastern Studies. Therefore, during this symposium, several researchers from various specializations will their latest research related to the ancient Near East. Anyone with an interest in the several civilizations and cultures of the Near East is welcome to attend.

List of speakers:

1. Dr. Miriam Müller. Lecturer at Leiden University, specialized in Egyptian Archaeology: The Origin of the Hyksos: From the Upper Khabur to the Nile

2. Prof. dr. A.F. de Jong. Associate professor of Comparative Religion and Religions in Antiquity, Leiden University:  A Religion for the Parthians

3. Canan Çakirlar, PhD student and Assistant Professor at the University of Groningen. Specialized in zooarchaeology, especially in the region of Turkey: Hidden Hybrids: Camels and Cultural Blending in the Ancient Near East

4. R. Janssen, PhD candidate at Leiden University. Table, Seat, and Platform. Discoveries in the Roman-Byzantine Synagogue at Horvat Kur (Galilee)

5. Jonny C. Russell, PhD candidate at Leiden University, studying ethnomedical theory in Ancient Egypt. Lifting the Western Lens: Results from a Comparative Investigation of Ancient Egyptian and Traditional Chinese Medicine

After the symposium there will be the opportunity to taste a modernised ancient Near Eastern beer recipe, followed by drinks and snacks.

Registration: dusanecommittee@gmail.com