Mediterranean and the Near East

The Mediterranean archaeologists at the University of Groningen build on their expertise in the archaeology of pre-and protohistoric societies of Greece and Italy, the interaction of cultures in the context of Greek colonization and Roman expansion, as well as on urban life in Hellenistic Greece, and the economy in Roman Italy. The University of Amsterdam specialises research on the Greek world from the Late Bronze Age until the Hellenistic period and central Italy from the  Early Iron Age until the Roman takeover. Here, an emphasis is placed on central places in the Mediterranean world as centers of religious culture and parts of religious networks.  At the University of Leiden the environmental and occupational prehistory of the Near East is the central theme, with a focus on the Late Neolithic and the Late Bronze Age, representing eras of momentous change in the organization of settlement and the structure of socio-economic relationships.

Principal Investigators:
Prof. Peter Akkermans, University of Leiden.
Prof. Peter Attema, University of Groningen.
Prof. Jan Paul Crielaard, VU Universiteit Amsterdam.
Prof. Marijke Gnade, University of Amsterdam.
Prof. Vladimir Stissi, University of Amsterdam.
Prof. Sofia Voutsaki, University of Groningen

Associate Investigators:
Prof. Jesper Eidem, University of Amsterdam
Prof. Gert Jan Burgers, VU Universiteit Amsterdam

Associate professors
Dr. Miquel John Versluijs, Leiden University
Dr. Bleda Düring, Leiden University
Dr. Patricia Lulof, University of Amsterdam
Dr. Gert Jan van Wijngaarden, University of Amsterdam