Reading Soils and Sediments: Global Geoarchaeology

Reading Soils and Sediments: Global Geoarchaeology

2 Days, 2 EC

25 and 26 March 2019, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

In two weeks ARCHON’s annual Geoarchaeology courses will take place at the VU in Amsterdam. We provide two courses, which are both taught by Professor Ian A. Simpson and dr. Sjoerd J. Kluiving.  It is not mandatory to attend both courses. The courses can be taken in conjunction but also separately. Here’s the link to the 3-day course: Geoarchaeology – theories and practices.

Geoarchaeology offers important and challenging perspectives on how interpretations of soils and sediments contribute to how people lived with and adapted to environmental change and has resonance with contemporary debates on sustainability, resilience and heritage management. The ARCHON geoarchaeology courses give theoretical frameworks for interpreting soils, sediments, and landscapes as records of the past and provides theoretical training in field and laboratory methods that identify, quantify and evaluate early human activities and environmental imprints.

This 2-day module is entirely research-led, with each lecture based on a series of research papers and referred to a live, current, research project. The module also leads directly to research dissertation topics with the opportunity to present your own research area in a geoarchaeological context.  Here you can find the detailed seminar program. It’s important you read this, since it contains a reading list. 


Monday 25 March, 9:00 – 17:00

Session 1: Seminars, reading global soils and sediments

Session 2: Geoarchaeology field examples I

Session 3: Guided preparation of student presentations


Tuesday 26 March room, 9:00 – 17:00

9.00 Session 4: Geoarchaeology field examples II

Session 5: Guided preparation of student presentations, mini-presentations of teachers

Session 6: Student presentations on research projects with a geoarchaeological focus



50% examination (2 questions; 2 hours, 25% each) / 50% presentation.

Students are encouraged to use their own research and dissertation projects.

The minimum grade to obtain a pass for a module is a 60% score


Date: 25-26 March 2019

Location: Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam – De Boelelaan

Monday 25 March: room MF-A415 (Medical Building)

Tuesday 26 March: room HG-0G30 (Main Building)

Credits: 2 EC

Reading list:  You can find the reading list in the detailed seminar program 

Language: English

Registration: send an e-mail to IJk, our coordinator. Any questions relating to the content of the course can be sent to Sjoerd Kluiving,