Bioarchaeology in the Faculty of Archaeology at Leiden includes palaeo- and archaeo-botany and zoology, geoarchaeology, human-osteoarchaeology, and isotope archaeology. Research in this field is varied, deals with hominin and human activity in the last 2.6 million years in various parts of the world, and often occurs in international collaborative teams. Research interests actively being pursued include reconstruction of the environments in which hominins lived, investigations into the evolutionary trends in certain faunal taxa, and studies on how botanical and faunal assemblages can provide an understanding of trade and past economies. In Groningen, the chair focuses on the research of funerary contexts to gain insight into the individual, the society and its ideas about life and death.

Principal Investigator
Prof. Thijs van Kolfschoten, Leiden University

Associate Investigators
Prof. Menno Hoogland, University of  Groningen / Leiden University
Prof. René Cappers, University of Leiden/ University of Groningen
Prof. Hans van der Plicht, Leiden University