In the Netherlands, Research Master students and PhD students in the Humanities are required to become a member of a Research School, where they have to follow 5-10 ECTs of education annually. ARCHON offers a minimum of 15 ECTs of education annually for RMA students and PhD researchers in courses, workshops, skill courses, seminars and conferences.

ARCHON-organized events

Intensive courses and workshops
Two-day or longer events that are organized by ARCHON and partners from the ARCHON community. They can take the form of international courses. By participating through reading, assignments and discussion, students are introduced to a specific research style of the research groups involved in the course.

Skills courses
These are courses offered for training in specific tools such as GIS, Indesign or statistics. These courses generally contain practical assignments.

ARCHON-supported events

Seminars and conferences
Events (co-)organised by member institutes for a broader audience. ARCHON student members can attend these free of charge and obtain ECTs for their participation. A number of recurring events are supported by ARCHON:

PhD meetings
Meetings that are organized by PhD students for PhD students. RMA students are often also welcome to join. They can be focused on specific skills or on peer discussion.