Archaeological artifacts: From Drawing to Digital 3D Model – online

Archaeological artifacts: From Drawing To Digital 3D Model

Date: 10, 11, 12 February 2021

Location: online

Credits: 2 ECTS

During this workshop, students will learn how to digitize archaeological hand drawn illustrations (pottery/lithic artifacts), and how to process them in order to facilitate further research concerning accurate measurements, morphometric approaches, 3D reconstructions and 3D visualization tools. 

The workshop includes:

  • Manuals on how to use Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop (drawing digitization) and Blender software (3d reconstruction, measurements). 
  • Two 3-hours webinars where the manuals will be explained in detail. 

Educational videos on archaeological illustration (pottery/lithics), the importance of digitization, post-processing and visualization. 

Assessment: Attending the entirety of the workshop and submitting the results (drawings and 3D models).


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