historical archaeology

At the University of Leiden the historical archaeology chairgroup came into being as of the 1st  of January 2012. The core theme of the research programme is urbanization in the Middle Ages and its relationship with the development of successive exchange systems and group cultures in northwestern Europe. Its research is explicitly interdisciplinary. It is the engagement  with a variety of data, the results of research in other disciplines and the theoretical positions taken in by scholars in fields such as history, anthropology, art history, linguistics and sciences that the archaeology of this period can truly develop. Moreover it is their view and ambition that archaeology will take in a central position in this  interdisciplinary engagement with the Roman, Medieval and modern past.

At the University of Amsterdam ACASA Archaeology offers teaching and research opportunities in all aspects of historical archaeology from the Roman period and early medieval periods through to the 21st century, and the archaeology of the contemporary past. New programmes have been developed since 2014 focusing on modern world historical archaeology and conflict archaeology these complement existing strengths in the archaeology of Amsterdam and the Dutch maritime expansion.

Principal Investigators
Prof. Frans Theuws, Leiden University.
Prof. James Symonds, University of Amsterdam

Associate Investigators:
Prof. Jerzy Gawronski, University of Amsterdam.
Prof. André van de Holk, Groningen University.
Prof. Gilles de Langen, Groningen University.