CRASIS Annual Meeting & Master Class 2021

CRASIS Annual Meeting & Master Class

Date:  11 (Masterclass) & 12 (Annual Meeting) March 2021
Venue: Online
Credits: 1 or 2

The CRASIS Annual Meeting & Master Class is a two-day event, set up as an informal meeting place for students at PhD or Research Master level, postdocs and senior staff to promote the discussion and exchange of ideas beyond disciplinary boundaries. A keynote speaker is invited to give a master class for (Research) MA and PhD students on the first day of the meeting, and to hold the CRASIS Keynote Lecture at the conference for advanced researchers on the second day. The keynote speaker of this year is Prof. Laura Nasrallah (Yale University). Her paper will cohere with the overall theme for the conference: Christian Origins and the Mediterranean Landscape

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Annual Meeting and Masterclass

CRASIS is the interdisciplinary research institute for the study of the ancient world at the University of Groningen and the Protestant Theological University in Groningen. It brings together researchers from Classics, Theology and Religious Studies, Ancient History, Archaeology, Ancient Philosophy, and Legal History, focusing on Greek, Roman, Jewish and Near Eastern civilizations and their mutual interaction.


2 EC for presenting your paper during the Masterclass (submit your presentation to and attending the Annual Meeting and handing in a report (to

1 EC for attending the Annual Meeting and handing in a report (to