Online Plenary meeting CIAW: Networking in the Ancient World – 1 May 2020

Plenary meeting research group CIAW: Networking in the Ancient World

Date: 1 May 2020

‘Networks’ has become a mainstream metaphor in conceptualizing interaction in the ancient world, but how might it apply to your research? What opportunities does it present, and what kinds of problems would you encounter?

This annual meeting of the CIAW focuses on the potential and pitfalls of using network theory and analysis, approaching this in two ways. The morning is devoted to hands-on learning following a training session led by Lieve Donnellan (Aarhus), no prior experience required! The afternoon will focus on discussion of the keynote lecture by Anna Collar (Southampton), followed by several short pitches from our own community of scholars. We will end the day with a plenary discussion.

NOTE: Because this is an online session, the main lectures, training instructions, and materials will be made available to you in advance. This will alleviate potential internet problems and enable us to spend our online ‘face-time’ on discussion. Also, please review the abstracts below, as the speakers will use their time to focus on their main concerns

Please register so we can share the lecture and materials in advance and connect with the online conferencing channel.

OIKOS/ARCHON credit: EC 1 for a full day attendance and writing a report (1200 words) in which you reflect on methodology via the training and/or the general applicability of network theory within your own (field of) research. Good to refer to the literature listed below, page 3.


10:15-10:30 Welcome and introduction & connection testing! (moderator Christina Williamson – RUG)

10:30-12:00 Training session – live with Lieve Donnellan (University of Aarhus) Starting Network Analysis from scratch (and how to get beyond it)

12:00-13:30 LUNCH BREAK


13:30-14:00 Discussion session – live with Anna Collar (University of Southampton)
The Net and the Fish; or, My Existential Struggle with Network Analysis

14:00-14:15 – BREAK

14:15-15:05 Pitches – session 1 (moderator Floris van den Eijnde – UU)

  • John Mooring (PhD VU) Building innovation and trust in coinage through networks in Archaic and Classical Greece
  • Rik Jansen (ReMA RUG) Ties between Poleis: the Agency of the Theoroi who Facilitated Peer Polity Interaction in the Hellenistic Age
  • Adam Wiznura (PhD RUG) Negotiating Regional Identities: Festival Networks in Hellenistic and Roman Thessaly
  • Tom Britton (PhD RUG) Networks of Communication in Hellenistic Power Relations
  • Robin van Vliet (PhD RUG) Anchoring Roman authority in festival networks

15:05-15:20 BREAK

15:20-16:20 Pitches – session 2 (moderator Mathieu de Bakker – UvA)

  • Jean vanden Broeck-Parant (Postdoc UU) Tracking Architectural Innovation: Temple Builders and Sanctuary Networks
  • Helle Hochscheid (Asst Professor URC) On the move in archaic Greece? Sculptors’ networks in 6th and 5th centuries
  • Matthijs Catsman (ReMA VU) Connected Through Death. The application of consumption collective affiliation networks in the study of 7th century BC funerary cultural interconnectivity in Latium Vetus
  • Marie Hélène van de Ven (ReMA UU) GIS and the Orphic Tablets in Thurii
  • Marijke Kooijman and Matthijs Zoeter (PhD Ghent) Dismembering intentional collections? Two late-antique correspondence networks
  • Ingeborg van Vugt (Postdoc UU) CEMROL: Collecting Epistolary Metadata of the Republic Of Letters

16:20-16:45 BREAK

16:45-17:15 PLENARY DISCUSSION – with speakers and audience (moderator Christina Williamson – RUG)

17:15 – Drinks anyone? (BYOB!)