Breaking boundaries: negotiating change in the Aegean Bronze Age

Date: to be announced

Location: online

To be human means to interact. By interacting and establishing relationships with fellow humans and other living beings, the environment, architecture and objects, humans constantly influence and are influenced in what they think, do and create. The socially constructed, physically delineated environments in which these interactions occur are often referred to by scholars with the suffix ‘-scape’. The influence of these different ‘scapes’ (e.g. landscapes, cityscapes, taskscapes, deathscapes, etc.) on human lives is strong: they have the power to shape and structure culture and society.

The relationships of people with their material and immaterial worlds are not static. They are subject to continuous adaptation, renegotiation and manipulation as a result of agents responding to changes in the ‘scape’ or agents themselves bringing about change depending on their needs and motivations. As a result, culture and society are constantly being restructured, forever escaping the status quo.

This third installment of the no(e)scape-conference series returns to discuss relational archaeology in the Aegean Bronze Age. While on the one hand we aim to address the structuring structures of culture (e.g. the habitus as formulated by Bourdieu),on the other hand we will also be exploring its rejection, manipulation and change. This conference series, with previous successful editions held in Heidelberg in 2018 and Poznán in 2019, provides a platform specifically for early career scholars to discuss their research. Therefore, we invite Master and PhD-students who work on the Aegean Bronze Age to send in proposals covering a wide range of topics, but nevertheless touching on these relational aspects of societies.

More information will follow soon.