European credits (EC) are awarded to RMA and PhD students for participation in ARCHON events and submitting a reflection report (read more below). One study credit (EC) is equivalent to 28 hours of work and includes lectures/tutorials, reading, preparing for tests, exams, the writing and assessment of papers, etc.

Please note that the following rules apply:

  • Students are required to send in a reflection report on the workshop they attended in order to receive credits.
  • The number of credits that will be awarded after submitting a report, or giving a presentation at an event, is always advertised on the event page of our website.
  • Reports have to be submitted no later than one month after the attended workshop or as specified in the programme of the workshop.
  • At the end of the academic year, the student will receive a certificate which lists subject and credits earned during the academic year.
  • Please note that different rules per university apply when it comes to registering the ECTS. Please contact the secretariat of your university for more information.

Unless otherwise mentioned the guidelines for awarding ECTS are as follows:

  • 1 EC is awarded for workshops and conferences of one or two days after submitting a reflection report.
  • 1 EC is awarded for skill courses of 1 or 2 days in which the assignments are generally concluded during the course of the workshop.
  • 1 EC is awarded after presenting a paper at an ARCHON activity. Please submit the powerpoint and/or text to the coordinator.
  • 2-3 EC may be awarded for workshops and conferences of multiple days, that have a specific assignment. These specific assignments are communicated by the organizers of the workshop or conference.

The reflection report
For the reflection report, you should focus on the approaches taken in the workshop and review these critically, using references to at least two sources of literature to support your reflection. If applicable, include how you would apply one or more of the presented approaches to your own research, and why you think that is relevant. The main goal of the report is for you to critically assess what you’ve learned during the course. It’s important that your report is creative and original.

Requirements reflection report:

  • 1500-2000 words (excl. bibliography)
  • References to literature in the text (at least two) and a separate bibliography.
  • Use the following format to name your file: Archonreport_*name of the course*_*your name*. 
  • Submit your report to the coordinator by sending an email to secretary@archonline.nl.

(Co-)organizing an event

Students can obtain 1 EC for (co-)organizing an ARCHON event (for example SOJA, SCAPECON, etc.). We ask you to write a short evaluation about the organizational process. Please contact ARCHON’s coordinator in advance to check if you can receive credits for the event you’re organizing. Please note: If you are organizing the event as part of a university course, and the symposium itself is part of the grade you receive for said course, the event is not eligible to receive an ARCHON credit.

The report needs to meet the following criteria:

  • ca. 500 words (bibliography not mandatory).
  • The report must reflect on the organizational process of the event. What went well and what would you do different next time? How did you tackle certain problems? What did you learn? Etc. Be creative!
  • Use the following format to name your file: Archonreport_*name of the course*_*your name*. 
  • Submit your report to the coordinator by sending an email to secretary@archonline.nl.

The coordinator will check whether your report meets the requirements. Actual grades are only given for reports over 2 EC’s. Please note that you can receive feedback on your reports upon request.