ARCHON offers funding and subsidies for its members. We provide different types of funding: conference subsidies, event funding, and additionally ARCHON reimburses travel expenses and registration fees for ARCHON supported events.

Event funding

ARCHON provides funding of academic events organized by RMA and PhD students as well as staff members of the ARCHON affiliated institutes. These  events can be organized year-round and should be broad-themed. Events can be workshops, conferences, master classes or short intensive courses within the ARCHON sphere of general interest. The available budget is max. €1000,00 per event. ARCHON will support, for instance, the accommodation and travel costs of international speakers, and may also fund general costs based on the discretion of the ARCHON Steering Committee. You can read more about the event funding and the application procedure here.

Conference subsidies

ARCHON encourages RMA and PhD students to attend and speak at conferences abroad. Therefore we annually award a limited number of conference subsidies to RMA and PhD students for presenting a paper or poster at an international conference. The number of awarded subsidies is limited to about 8 per year. If the number of applications exceeds the available budget, preference will be given to RMA students.

Evaluation and allocation of the subsidies will take place twice a year, in December and June. The deadlines for sending in proposal are 1 December and 1 June.  Applications may be submitted year-round for upcoming conferences in the next half of the year. Awarded subsidy amounts may vary depending on the requested budget, but will generally be constrained to under €400.

You can read more about the conference subsidies and the application procedure here.

Registration fee’s & travel expenses to and from Groningen 

ARCHON reimburses travel costs to and from Groningen for RMA students attending educational activities, in order to facilitate student mobility. In all cases RMA students are expected to use their reduction options for travelling in off-peak hours. If travel in the morning is necessary, buy separate tickets for peak and off-peak hours. Travel is only reimbursed for RMA students who send in an evaluation report in order to claim ECTs. The travel costs can be reimbursed for a maximum of 40 euros per year per student only.