PhD students in the Humanities in the Netherlands are required to become a member of a research school where they have to follow 5-10 ECTs of education annually. If you are a PhD student in Archaeology or a related field of study at one of the universities in the Netherlands, we gladly welcome you as a member.

ARCHON offers a minimum of 15 ECTs of education annually for RMA students and PhD researchers in courses, workshops, skill courses, seminars and conferences. PhD students are also encouraged to come up with their own ideas for workshops, skill courses and seminars, where they can also present their research. See the event funding page for more information.

Most ARCHON events are for both PhD and RmA students. It is always stated when it is exclusively for PhD or RMA students. You can find an overview of the Archon (supported) events on the homepage and more elaborate descriptions of all events on the event page.

You can register as an ARCHON member if your supervisor or department agrees with your choice.

Membership registration and fee

Unlike RMA students, PhD researchers need to apply for an ARCHON membership themselves. RMA memberships are not automatically extended into a PhD membership. So, if you were an ARCHON member in your Master, you need to register again. You can start your registration by filling in the registration form below or by sending an email to the coordinator.

There is a membership fee of 250 euros annually (1000 in total). In most, but not all cases, there is a fund for this available at your institute. PhD students need to discuss with their supervisors who will pay the fee. We will send an invoice to you or your institution. To do so, we need to receive the billing details and project number from you. 


Students are required to send in a written report on the activities they attend in order to receive ECTs. In return the student will receive a certificate which lists subject and credits. The certificate is provided to the student at the end of the academic year and includes all the credits earned during the academic year.

ARCHON Conference Subsidy

ARCHON encourages students to attend and speak on conferences abroad. Therefore we twice annually offer conference subsidies to RMA and PhD students.

Travel to and from Groningen

ARCHON reimburses travel costs to and from Groningen for attending educational activities in order to facilitate student mobility. In all cases students are expected to use their reduction options for travelling in off-peak hours. If travel in the morning is necessary, buy separate tickets for peak and off-peak hours. Travel is only reimbursed for students who send in an evaluation report in order to claim ECTs.

Please note that travel costs can be reimbursed for a maximum of 60 euros per year only.

PhD Membership registration form:

    Please note that your membership will only be finalised once the membership fees have been paid.