ARCHON Conference Subsidy

ARCHON encourages PhD and RMA students to attend and speak at conferences abroad. Therefore we annually award a limited number of conference subsidies to RMA and PhD students for presenting a paper or poster at an international conference.

You can apply for this subsidy by sending a motivational letter (in PDF format) to either our coordinator or Archon’s scientific director, Dr. Philip Verhagen. Please state why you think you should receive the subsidy and why it is important that you present at the international conference. Also, provide us with the notification of acceptance of your paper / poster, and an overview of the total budget for travel and attendance costs. Note, you can only receive the conference subsidy once during your RMA/PhD. If you received a subsidy during your RMA, you can apply again as a PhD candidate.

Evaluation and allocation of the subsidies will take place twice a year, on 1 June and 1 December. Applications may be submitted year-round for upcoming conferences in the next half of the year.

Awarded subsidy amounts may vary depending on the requested budget, but will generally be constrained to under €400.

The number of awarded subsidies is limited to about 8 per year. If the number of applications exceeds the available budget, preference will be given to RMA students.

Please note that ARCHON conference funding is restricted to registered student members of ARCHON.