CRASIS Annual Meeting & Master Class 2021

The CRASIS Annual Meeting & Master Class is a two-day event, set up as an informal meeting place for students at PhD or Research Master level, postdocs and senior staff to promote the discussion and exchange of ideas beyond disciplinary boundaries. The keynote speaker of this year is Prof. Laura Nasrallah (Yale University). Her paper will cohere with the overall theme for the conference: Christian Origins and the Mediterranean Landscape. Read more >>

ARCHON workshop & symposium: ‘Young voices on the Ancients’

Two workshops in which students will be trained to write and present scientific findings for a popular audience and subsequent symposium at the online ‘Week van de Klassieken’ (Week of the Classics) where students can put into practise what they have learned and present their research to a broader, popular audience. Read more >>

Let’s Talk about Gender, Baby: rethinking Gender archaeology and new approaches

During this event, we’ll be discussing known and new theoretical approaches in Gender archaeology, such as post-colonialism, queer theory, and critic of the hegemonic masculinity. All interested students and (young) researchers are invited to share their outcomes with poster presentations and partake in the plenary discussion, without any limitations in the period or area of study. Read more >>


The 12th edition of DUSANE, the Dutch Symposium of the Ancient Near East, will take place on 22 April 2021. During this symposium, several researchers from various specializations will present their latest research related to the ancient Near East. Anyone with an interest in the several civilizations and cultures of the Near East is welcome to attend. Read more >>

NASTA 2021

The first NASTA conference will be hosted by graduate students from ACASA at the University of Amsterdam. The one-day conference will explore the role of narrative and storytelling in archaeology. What is the best way to give voice to our discoveries, and how can different forms of narrative shape understandings of the past in the present? Read more >>

How to get a Postdoc?

This workshop will be organized with the aim to offer PhD students information about what you can expect from a postdoc position and how to (successfully) apply for one. Participants will receive individual feedback on their scientific proposals for a fictive individual research project. Read more >>

Continuous online courses

ARCHON has selected some skills courses that can be followed online at your own pace:

ARCHON members can obtain credits by submitting a report afterwards.

Online QGIS Course

Good news! You can now take the ARCHON QGIS course online. You get 1 EC for taking the course and making a report as the assignment. Read more>>

Online ArcGIS Course

You can now take the ARCHON ArcGIS course online. You get 1 EC for taking the course and handing in a report. Read more>>



We have two new RMA members in the ARCHON Steering committee: Sven Ransijn (Leiden University) and Sandra de Regt (Rijksuniversiteit Groningen). They will represent the students from their universities at ARCHON. Please find their introductions here >>


Welcome to Joris Aarts as a new member of the ARCHON steering committee! Joris is Assistant Professor at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. He will replace Jan Paul Crielaard who is now a member of the ARCHON Board. Welcome Joris!


On 30 October 2020 the online ARCHON Day took place! This year’s central topic was ‘Advancing access to Research’. It was a successful day with an interesting poster session, workshop session and keynote lecture by Ben Marwick. ARCHON Steering Committee member Ela Altay wrote a recap blog about the day, including links to the posters and powerpoint presentations. You can find the recap blog of the ARCHON Day here >>>


On 20-22 February 2020, the Archon Winter School Sharing Practices: Archaeological 3D Visualisation in the Netherlands was hosted by the RCE in Amersfoort and University of Amsterdam. This three-day event consisted of workshops, lectures by national and international researchers and practitioners, showcases of projects and equipment, opportunities for socializing and networking, and a roundtable discussion on the future of 3D visualisation practices in archaeology. You can find a summary of the event here >>>


Do you want to stay up to date on ARCHON supported events, funding opportunities and calls for poster/papers/abstracts? Both ARCHON members and non-members can subscribe to out mailinglist. Her you can find the sign up form to the ARCHON mailing list. 


RMA students, PhD students and staff members of the participating institutions can all become members of ARCHON. Membership of ARCHON will give you access to its educational activities, bring you into contact with fellow students and researchers and will provide opportunities to present your work. Read more >>


Are you a staff member, PhD researcher or RMA student and are you considering organizing an event on your research topic? Did you know that Archon can help you organize and host such events? Read more >>


ARCHON encourages PhD and RMA students to attend and speak at conferences abroad. Therefore we annually award a limited number of conference subsidies to RMA and PhD students for presenting a paper or poster at an international conference. Read more >>


In order to facilitate student mobility, ARCHON reimburses up to 40 euros per year (per student) for traveling to and from Groningen for attending educational activities. Travel is only reimbursed for students who send in an evaluation report in order to claim ECTs. Contact our secretary for more information.


ARCHON wants to motivate PhD and RMA students to publish their research! To help you get started, we organize a workshop Publishing for Early Career Researchers, and we have listed a number of online journals that are are open to, or especially meant for, publishing research from Graduate and PhD students. Read more>>


In the Netherlands the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) read more >>


German Archaeological Institute

Scientific advisor in Archeozoology (Full-time). The Division of Natural Science is part of the Research Department of the DAI’s Head Office and conducts research in the areas of archaeozoology, archaeobotany, biological anthropology and dendrochronology. More information >>

Deadline: 15 March 2021

Zentrum für Baltische und Skandinavische Archäologie (ZBSA)

PhD-position Archäozoologie / Zooarchäologie. More information >>

Deadline: 1 March 2021


Group Leader (Data Manager) and Team Members (Data Analysts) for MAPSS (Mongolia Archaeological Project). More information >>

Deadline: 1 March 2021

Universiteit Groningen

Assistant Professor of Mediterranean Archaeology (0.8 fte) (specialisation in either osteoarchaeology or geoarchaeology) and at least one year of experience as a postdoctoral researcher. More information >>

Deadline: 18 March 2021

University of Cambridge

University lecturer in Palaeolithic Archaeology. In particular, the Department welcomes applications from those whose research experience, expertise and/or future vision combine regional engagement with comparative and global perspectives, and who engage with questions in broader social/cultural archaeology, archaeological science, and/or human evolutionary studies. More information >>

Deadline: 16 April 2021

More PhD & Postdoc positions:

Check out Erik Rossenberg’s blog postgraduate opportunities in Archaeology for an up-to-date list of PhD and postdoc positions in archaeology.

John’s Hopkins University has set up a continuously updated repository of federal and private funding opportunities that are intended for postdoctoral investigators. The opportunities are pre-sorted chronologically and alphabetically, and can be searched by funding amount and subject matter.

Arches project (open source software platform) job opportunities.

Fund┋it collects and presents on a single website all research grants and fellowships (post-PhD) available for scholars in the social sciences and humanities in France.


NASTA 2021 conference – 29 April 2021

NASTA is looking for papers that deal with questions such as: 

· How can we best communicate different narratives about archaeological sites or discoveries to non-professional audiences? 

· What is the best way to frame new narratives in an accessible way? 

· What are the advantages of storytelling in our academic output? 

· How should we deal with contested narratives (that border on alternative or pseudo-archaeology) without resorting to the harmful dichotomy of US versus Them? 

· How do we (re)present the past? 

If you would like to contribute a paper dealing with these questions, or similar topics based on the conference theme, we highly encourage archaeology students as well as students from other disciplines to apply! 

The conference will be held online, and we anticipate that there we will be a maximum of 12 speakers. Individual speakers will be allowed 15 minutes to present their paper .

Please send your abstract (max. 250 words) before 10 March 2021 to

Deadline 10 March 2021


Archon is the Dutch inter-university research and graduate school for archaeology.
It unites staff members, PhD researchers and research master students of its participating institutions.

  • the University of Amsterdam (UvA),
  • VU University Amsterdam (VU),
  • the University of Groningen (RUG),
  • the University of Leiden (UL)
  • the Agency for Cultural Heritage (RCE) in Amersfoort.

Archon initiates, organizes and supports a program of educational activities including conferences, lecture series, thematic workshops, multi-and interdisciplinary courses and skill courses for RMA students, PhD researchers and staff members of the participating institutions. Our members are encouraged to come up with ideas for workshops, seminars and conferences concerning their interests or subjects they wish to further explore. It unites staff members, PhD researchers and research master students of its participating institutions.

Our main aim is to create a platform for inspiring academic debate on current archaeological research. By creating a stimulating interinstitutional and interdisciplinary environment, Archon aims to bring together its junior and senior members. Most educational activities are also open to the staff of university institutes and archaeologists working outside the academic world.

The Archon bureau is based at the Faculty of Humanities at the VU University Amsterdam. Contact can be made through email (Eline Verburg).

If you want to stay updated on upcoming ARCHON events, calls for proposals and academic job opportunities, you can sign up to our mailinglist.