Introduction course Photography for Archaeologists 

In this introductory course, you will familiarize yourself with the basic principles of photography and learn the possibilities of your camera. You will be provided with tips for photography ‘in the field’ and learn to take good photos of archaeological objects using simple means. More information >>

ARCHON masterclass: Science Communication 

This year ARCHON will organize a day with various masterclasses on the topic of ”Science Communication’ in which you will be trained to write and present scientific findings for a popular audience. Afterwards, we will organize an event in which you will be able to put into practice what you have learnt during the masterclasses by presenting for a broader audience. More information >>

ARCHON conference: Pathways to the Present

ARCHON will organize a one-day conference dedicated to developing a research agenda for Dutch archaeology on the deep history of social and environmental resilience. The aim of the conference is to exchange viewpoints on how archaeology contributes to understanding the roots and historical backgrounds of current environmental and societal problems, dilemmas and challenges, and how Dutch archaeology can develop a common research programme to tackle these questions within the context of the NWO Zwaartekracht (Gravity) programme. More information >>

Workshop LiDAR

In this workshop you will learn about the state of the art in archaeological remote sensing, and get hands-on experience in working with the essential techniques needed for effective application. More information >>

Funnel Beaker junior conference

Students from the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen are organising a junior congress themed: the Funnel Beaker period. The number of people working within this area of study is vastly growing, therefore they would like to take the opportunity to connect one another in the same discipline. More information >>

Continuous online courses

ARCHON has selected some skills courses that can be followed online at your own pace:

ARCHON members can obtain credits by submitting a report afterwards.


New coordinator!

From 1 February 2022, ARCHON’s coordinator Eline Verburg will step down to focus on her PhD-research. We are happy to announce that Yannic Rabou will take over the role as coordinator of ARCHON! We wish her good luck!

Credits 140 p. literature

From 1 January 2022 the possibility to earn an additional EC if students process at least 140 pages of literature, is no longer available. Additional EC’s can be obtained by following one of our ‘continuous courses‘ online and at your own pace, wherever you want!


Do you want to stay up to date on ARCHON supported events, funding opportunities and calls for poster/papers/abstracts? Both ARCHON members and non-members can subscribe to out mailinglist. Her you can find the sign up form to the ARCHON mailing list. 


RMA students, PhD students and staff members of the participating institutions can all become members of ARCHON. Membership of ARCHON will give you access to its educational activities, bring you into contact with fellow students and researchers and will provide opportunities to present your work. Read more >>


Are you a staff member, PhD researcher or RMA student and are you considering organizing an event on your research topic? Did you know that Archon can help you organize and host such events? Read more >>


ARCHON encourages PhD and RMA students to attend and speak at conferences abroad. Therefore we annually award a limited number of conference subsidies to RMA and PhD students for presenting a paper or poster at an international conference. Read more >>


In order to facilitate student mobility, ARCHON reimburses up to 40 euros per year (per student) for traveling to and from Groningen for attending educational activities. Travel is only reimbursed for students who send in an evaluation report in order to claim ECTs. Contact our secretary for more information.


ARCHON wants to motivate PhD and RMA students to publish their research! To help you get started, we organize a workshop Publishing for Early Career Researchers, and we have listed a number of online journals that are are open to, or especially meant for, publishing research from Graduate and PhD students. Read more>>



The Early Career Archaeologist community created an extensive recourse including vacancies, upcoming conferences, data archives and more! More information >>


Are you interested in governance and science? Check out Platform JOng, a new online platform for young researchers. You can contact them if you want to write a contribution for their platform and share your knowledge!


10 May – 31 May 2022 – Zooarchaeology Saves the World: How can the study of long dead animals impact the world around us? We live in a period of pressing issues: climate change, social justice, zoonotic diseases, changing economies, decolonization, rising inequality, and threats to both higher education and the practice of archaeology. More information >>

More PhD & Postdoc positions:

Check out Erik Rossenberg’s blog postgraduate opportunities in Archaeology for an up-to-date list of PhD and postdoc positions in archaeology.

John’s Hopkins University has set up a continuously updated repository of federal and private funding opportunities that are intended for postdoctoral investigators. The opportunities are pre-sorted chronologically and alphabetically, and can be searched by funding amount and subject matter.

Arches project (open source software platform) job opportunities.

Fund┋it collects and presents on a single website all research grants and fellowships (post-PhD) available for scholars in the social sciences and humanities in France.


Archon is the Dutch inter-university research and graduate school for archaeology.
It unites staff members, PhD researchers and research master students of its participating institutions.

  • the University of Amsterdam (UvA),
  • VU University Amsterdam (VU),
  • the University of Groningen (RUG),
  • the University of Leiden (UL)
  • the Agency for Cultural Heritage (RCE) in Amersfoort.

Archon initiates, organizes and supports a program of educational activities including conferences, lecture series, thematic workshops, multi-and interdisciplinary courses and skill courses for RMA students, PhD researchers and staff members of the participating institutions. Our members are encouraged to come up with ideas for workshops, seminars and conferences concerning their interests or subjects they wish to further explore. It unites staff members, PhD researchers and research master students of its participating institutions.

Our main aim is to create a platform for inspiring academic debate on current archaeological research. By creating a stimulating interinstitutional and interdisciplinary environment, Archon aims to bring together its junior and senior members. Most educational activities are also open to the staff of university institutes and archaeologists working outside the academic world.

The Archon bureau is based at the Faculty of Humanities at the VU University Amsterdam. Contact can be made through email (Yannic Rabou).

If you want to stay updated on upcoming ARCHON events, calls for proposals and academic job opportunities, you can sign up to our mailinglist.