ARCHON Self-Funded PhD Subsidy

Self-funded PhD students often have difficulty finding funds to pay for conferences, courses and publications. ARCHON will therefore make available an annual budget of 2000 euros that self-funded PhD students can apply for to cover research-related costs. The following conditions apply:

  1. The PhD student should provide proof that he/she is fully self-funded, and is a member of ARCHON.
  2. A budget should be provided detailing the costs for which the fund will be used, as well as a motivation for making these costs.
  3. A letter of support should be provided, in which the supervisor gives his/her support and confirms that the student is in an advanced stage of his/her PhD-research.
  4. The following costs may be applied for:
    • Conference fees and course registration fees
    • Travel costs to conferences and courses, or for visiting research institutes abroad (universities, museum collections, specialized libraries)
    • Costs associated with publishing (Article Processing Charges, copy-editing, translation).
  5. Only one application per person per year will be funded, up to a maximum of 400 euros.
  6. Applications may be submitted year-round. When eligible, subsidies will be allocated in June and December; applications may however be retained for the next year. Students can receive the funding twice in total.

You can apply for this subsidy by sending all documents (in PDF format) to either our coordinator or Archon’s scientific director, Dr. Philip Verhagen.

Please note that the ARCHON Self-Funded PhD Subsidy is restricted to registered members of ARCHON.