Archaeology of Northwest Europe

Staff members

Prof. dr. L.W.S.W. (Luc) Amkreutz, Leiden University

Dr. S. (Stijn) Arnoldussen, University of Groningen

Dr. K.M. (Kim) Cohen, Utrecht University M.J. (Mark) Driessen, Leiden University

Dr. A.T. (Letty) ten Harkel, Leiden University

Dr. S. (Stijn) Heeren, Vrije University Amsterdam

Dr. M.H.G. (Maikel) Kuijpers, Leiden University

Dr. A.J. (Arjan) Louwen, Leiden University

Prof. dr. S.T.A.M. (Stephan) Mols, Radboud University

Dr. J.H.M. (Hans) Peeters, University of Groningen

Prof. dr. D.C.M. (Daan) Raemaekers, University of Groningen

Dr. S.L.M. (Saskia) Stevens, Utrecht University

Dr. A.A.A.A. (Arno) Verhoeven, University of Amsterdam

PhD members

Sabrina Autenrieth, Leiden University

Economies of Destruction. The emergence of metalwork deposition during the Bronze Age in Northwest Europe, c. 2300-1500 BC (VICI Project)

Research interests: Prehistory, Neolithic and Bronze Age, Megalithic Monuments, Figurines, Prehistoric Art, Gender Archaeology, De-categorisation of objects, Archaeological Theory, Destruction of value in prehistoric times

Pir Hoebe, University of Groningen

Data before the Deluge: A Big Data approach to Northwest European hunter-gatherers and their response to climatic events and environmental catastrophes

I am an archaeologist from the Netherlands with a focus on the Late Palaeolithic and Mesolithic. While I previously worked on the technological analysis of flint, my PhD at University of Groningen takes a ‘big data’ approach to the impact of climate and environmental change on NW European hunter-gatherers. My project aims to combine large quantities of radiocarbon dates, site data and palaeoenvironmental modelling to answer questions about human resilience and adaptation to changing conditions. My academic interests include flint technology, experimental archaeology, geoarchaeology, the influence of biases on data, past climate change, hunter-gatherer variability, early farming societies, GIS and data analysis, landscape archaeology and archaeological theory.

Louise Olerud, Leiden University

I a PhD candidate in the NWO-funded VIDI project “The Talking Dead. Reconstructing the transmission of information in Corded Ware and Bell Beaker Societies during the 3rd Millennium BC” at the Faculty of Archaeology, Leiden University. This research project focuses on the rigid burial rites widely shared throughout Europe during the third millennium BCE: individuals buried in crouched-flexed position, often under a barrow, and with a standardised grave inventory. We aim to understand the shared norms behind these rites better through dynamic network analysis. I will focus on north-western Europe and specifically, the role of gender and age in these burial rites. My research interests are the late prehistory of north-western Europe, mortuary archaeology, gender and identity, globalisation, databases and network analysis.

Arjan Ruiter, Vrije University Amsterdam

Provincials, “barbarians” and the Roman state. Impact of the limes – a study of cultural interaction between the province Germania Inferior and the adjacent unoccupied territories across the Rhine (Germania Magna)

Trained as an archaeologist with a speciality in Provincial Roman Archaeology at Leiden University, I worked in contract archaeology for a number of years. As a PhD student within Work Package 2 of Constructing the limes I will be looking at connectivity between the Roman provincials and peoples from the opposite bank of the Rhine. My research focuses on the cross-border distribution of carefully chosen artefacts in order to explain the nature and impact of the limes on communities living on either site of the frontier of the Roman Empire. My interests are Provincial Roman Archaeology, Late Prehistory of Northwest Europe, Field Archaeology, Metal small finds, and Material Culture Studies.