Archaeology of West Asia

Staff members

Prof. dr. P.M.M.G. (Peter) Akkermans, Leiden University

Prof. dr. B.S. (Bleda) Düring, Leiden University

Dr. F.A. (Fokke) Gerritsen, Leiden University

Prof. dr. L. (Lidewijde) de Jong, University of Groningen

Dr. T. (Tuna) Kalaycı, Leiden University

Dr. J.E. (Jason) Laffoon, Leiden University

Prof. dr. M. J. (Miguel John) Versluys, Leiden University

PhD members

John Ouellet, University of Groningen

Decolonizing the Endless Steppe: A Study of the Non-Linear Silk Road at Otrar 

It is my intention to conduct a comparative study of the social, cultural, and economic conditions in Central Asia during the 6th to 10th century while using recently developed material science methods such as a portable XRF (pXRF) in an attempt to decolonize the way we look at the Silk Road and look at technological choice and exchange of know-how and ideas in zones which are highly dynamic in nature. I hope to use my knowledge of the Early Medieval and Islamic World to decolonize the way we look at coins and move beyond simple cataloguing and identification. I think coins have a lot of untapped potential that has not been looked at, and I want to look into how we can utilize coins better in archaeology.