Mortuary Archaeology

Staff members

Dr. T.M. (Tamara) Dijkstra, University of Groningen

Dr. H.L. (Hayley) Mickleburgh, University of Amsterdam

Dr. A.C. (Anna) Moles, University of Groningen

Dr. O.P. (Ortal-Paz) Saar, Utrecht University

Dr. S.A. (Sarah) Schrader, Leiden University

Prof. dr. S. (Sofia) Voutsaki, University of Groningen

PhD members

Paula Kalkman, University of Groningen

Death in conversion? An archaeological analysis of funerary treatment in Roman and early Byzantine Anatolia (1st-7th century CE)

My research focuses on funerary treatment in Roman and early Byzantine Anatolia.The main aim is to investigate changes and continuity in funerary treatment and treatment of the body, especially in relation to the emergence of Christianity. To do so, I analyse evidence from the necropoleis of four sites: Seleukeia Sidera, Sagalassos, Pessinous and Gordion.