Quality indicators for research

The last years the humanities in the Netherlands have seen developments in terms of defining quality indicators for research. The great variety of research and publication traditions has led to the realization that a top-down definition of quality is impossible. Instead a bottom-up approach has been developed. The idea is that the quality indicators will contribute to future research evaluation cycles. It means that we defined the measuring stick subsequently used to measure our performance.

For archaeology, the ARCHON board has taken the initiative to first collect lists of relevant publishers and journals. These long-lists have been reduced in order to establish an overview of publishers and journals that are esteemed within our discipline.

There are two lists of journals. The A journals are journals of importance across (and sometimes beyond) our discipline; the B journals are journals of importance in subfields of archaeology – these journals are not of lesser importance but of importance to a smaller community of researchers. We advise you to take these lists into account when deciding on your publication strategies.

See the list with publishers here.
See the list with journals here.