1 June 2017 – A 3D Perspective on Archaeological Data

June 1st 2017
A 3D Perspective on Archaeological Data: The Means and Value of 3D Visualization and Modelling

1 EC

In recent years, 3D technologies have revolutionized archaeology, playing an increasing role in archaeological fieldwork, analyses, publications and public outreach. The collection of 3D data has become easier and less expensive than ever before, and realistic 3D models allow us to visualise and analyse our data in innovative ways.

At the same time, 3D technologies are still mainly used to visualise archaeological situations and objects as part of post-excavation practices, such as presentations and exhibitions, to obtain informative and visually attractive illustrations. The why and how of the incorporation of 3D technology as an inherent part of excavation practices is now at the forefront of international debate e.g. regarding the development of 3D GIS.

The intention of this symposium is to continue this debate from the perspectives of different disciplines that all collaborate with archaeologists in different stages of archaeological research, e.g. geophysicists with documentation, computer experts with visualisation and modelling, and museums with public outreach. The symposium will take place at the Groninger Institute of Archaeology.


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