18-19 Jan. 2018 – Skill Course ArcGIS

Skill Course ArcGIS

Leiden University

1 EC

Students looking for insight in the application of Geographical Information Systems with archaeological fieldwork and analysis as well as students and archaeologist who wish to broaden their knowledge of ArcGIS are encouraged to register. The course will provide an introduction to the ArcMap user interface and terminology, preparing a screen layout, managing data and layering a map. In addition, you will be trained in importing data to ArcGIS and connecting the data to database table queries as well as analyzing spatial information. The use of legends, grids and exporting layouts of the database will also be covered.

The skill course is designed for a maximum of 15 participants. Members of Archon are able to attend the workshop for free and will receive 1 ECTS after completing the requirements. Lunch will be for own costs (there are facilities in the van Steenis building).
The skill course will take place in the computer room at the Faculty of Archaeology in Leiden.

Students can earn 1 EC. If you would like to apply for this workshop please send an e-mail to Barbara.