24-25 February 2017 – Fields, Sherds and Scholars in Athens

24-25 February 2017
Fields, Sherds and Scholars: Recording and interpreting survey ceramics

2-3 ECTS

The Netherlands Institute at Athens and the University of Amsterdam are organizing the early career scholar conference ‘Fields, Sherds and Scholars, recording and interpreting survey ceramics’ on the 24-25 February 2017 at the premises of the NIA. For ARCHON members willing to join this conference ARCHON has made available a compensation for their travel costs. Please note that RMA students are also welcome to join, they can earn up to 2 EC after submitting a written report and have the opportunity to do a poster presentation at the event, for example about their thesis topic or present a research idea for a PhD. See below for more information about the conference theme and details for applying for the compensation.

Survey ceramics have always been convenient chronological markers of archaeological surveys, enabling us to recognize and date survey sites. Although landscape archaeology has now been going on for more than half a century and the amount of sherds collected in these projects is overwhelming, the interpretative value of the ceramic material is rarely exploited. What do the dots on the map actually represent and how did people use and shape the landscape?

This conference will also address sampling, recording and publication strategies that would best serve the interpretation of survey ceramics. Of course these depend on the research questions we have in mind, but to some extent the material itself dictates opportunities and limitations. The dataset is shaped by the choices what field data to record, which material to collect and how to record and publish. These strategic choices determine our research possibilities and the comparative value of project results.

The following topics and themes will be dealt with:

• Sampling, recording and publication strategies

• Interpretative potential for survey ceramics

Possible themes include:

• Intensive/Extensive survey methods and interpreting pottery distribution

• Fabrics and the organization of production and exchange

• Functional analysis of survey sites

• Sampling and recording methods – comparisons of database examples and software

ARCHON offers a limited number of student and PhD members of the school compensation for their travel costs up to €250. If you are a member and want to apply, please send a motivational letter to the ARCHON office (secretary@archonline.nl) before the 19th of January 2017, stating why you think you should receive the subsidy and why it is of importance you present at this international conference. Also, provide them with this invitation and an overview of the total travel costs. Student members may also apply for this compensation and are invited to do a poster presentation. Submitting a written report can earn you up to 2 EC for this conference.