Immortal Materiality or Mortal Objects? – 16 December 2021

Immortal Materiality or Mortal objects? – 16 December 2021

Date: 16 December 2021

Location: Oudemanhuispoort D.108, Amsterdam or online

Credits: 1 ECT

The graduate students of the UvA-RMA course Matter Materiality and Material Culture, are organizing a conference on what they have learned the past couple of months. The one-day conference ‘Immortal Materiality or Mortal Objects’ 2021 is taking place on December 16th and will be a hybrid event.

Call for papers:

In the age of the anthropocene the delineation between the human self and objects has become increasingly blurred. Our lives are inextricably entwined with the materiality we both make and utilise, but to what extent is it inseparable from humanity and the identities therein? Does materiality have a life of its own and does it end?

Call for papers for 1-dag hybrid conference on 16th of December. Send your title, abstract (max. 200 words), full name, university or institution, email and how you plan to join (online or physical attendance) to

Deadline: 19th November 2021

Credits: ARCHON members can receive 1 ECT for attending the conference and handing in a reflection report afterwards. ARCHON members can also receive 1 ECT for presenting at the conference, by handing in their (powerpoint)presentation.

Registration: TBA