(Un)Common Grounds – 20 December 2023

(Un)Common Grounds, Interdisciplinary Approaches toward Everyday Materialities

Date: 20 December 2023, 09:00-18:00

Location: University of Amsterdam, University Library, Singel 425, room: Doelenzaal

Credits: 1/2 ECT

The graduate students of the UvA-RMA course Matter Materiality and Material Culture, are organizing a conference on what they have learned the past couple of months. The one-day conference ‘(Un)Common Grounds, Interdisciplinary Approaches toward Everyday Materialities’ 2023 is taking place on 20 December and will be held at the University of Amsterdam.

‘(Un)Common Grounds’ is a symposium that delves into the intersection of materiality, everyday objects, and interdisciplinary exploration. This event offers a platform for scholars, researchers, and enthusiasts from various fields to come together and explore the often-overlooked aspects of our daily surroundings.

At ‘(Un)Common Grounds,’ participants engage in lively discussions and presentations, all designed to explore the hidden stories and interconnectedness of the objects and materials that shape our lives. The symposium encourages attendees to think beyond the surface of the ordinary and, perhaps, discover the extraordinary narratives embedded in the mundane.


The symposium will consist of 9 student presentations, and invited presentations by the artist Anastasija Pandilovska (Rietveld Academy) and dr. Cynthia Robin (Northwestern University). Lunch and drinks are provided.

Download the final programme here.

Credits: ARCHON members can receive 1 ECT for attending the conference and handing in a reflection report afterwards. ARCHON members can also receive 1 ECT extra for presenting at the conference, by handing in their (Powerpoint) presentation.

Registration: Register by sending an email to uncommongrounds2023@gmail.com and inform the team about your name, institution or affiliation and if you are an ARCHON member. If you want to present a paper, please also provide an abstract (max. 300 words or 3 minute video) before 25 November.