ARCHON Symposium & Masterclass: Young voices on the Ancients

ARCHON Symposium & Masterclass: Young voices on the Ancients

Date: 1, 13 and 16 April 2021

Location: Online

Credits: 1 ECT

– ARCHON meets ‘Week van de Klassieken’! –

This year ARCHON will organize a symposium during the Week van de Klassieken (Week of the Classics, 8 – 18 April 2021) in cooperation with the Allard Pierson Museum and the National Museum of Antiquities (RMO). The symposium is titled: ‘Young voices on the Ancients – students’ perspectives on the study of the past’ and provides a platform for students to present their research for a broader, popular audience.

In order to get you prepared for presenting your research during this symposium, we offer two masterclasses in which you will be trained to write and present scientific findings for a popular audience. The final product will be the online presentation of your research during the online ARCHON symposium on Friday 16 April 2021, at the Week van de Klassieken.

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1. To acquire skills to present your research for a broader non-academic audience.

2. To show to a broader audience what type of research archaeology students are currently engaged in. See it as a ‘look behind the scenes’.


  • The research you are going to present does not have to be finished. It can be an ongoing research project, or even research that you just started.
  • The research can be connected to the ‘Classics’, but this is not mandatory.
  • The length of your presentation is 10 minutes, on top of that we reserve 10 minutes for questions.
  • The theme of this year’s ‘Week van de Klassieken’ is ‘the inclusive Classics’, so you might want to respond to this theme in your presentation, but this is not mandatory.
  • Your presentation may be held in English or Dutch.
  • We welcome MA, RMA and PhD students in Archaeology and Ancient Studies to participate. OIKOS members are very welcome as well!
  • It is mandatory to actively attend both Masterclasses prior to the final presentation during the ARCHON Symposium at the Week van de Klassieken.

Preliminary Program:

Thursday 1 April 15:00- 17:00: ARCHON Masterclass: ‘Scientific writing for a popular audience’ by Jolanda Bos of ‘BLKVLD publishers‘.

Tuesday 13 April 19:00- 21:00 : Masterclass by multi-media digital humanities initiative ‘Peopling the Past’ on how to present online to a popular audience.

Friday 16 April 12:00- 15:00: ARCHON Symposium: Young voices on the Ancients. 

Credits: ARCHON and OIKOS members can receive 1 ECT for attending both masterclasses and presenting their research during the ARCHON Symposium on 16 April.

Registration: Closed.