Metaaltijdendag – 16&17 September 2022

Metaaltijdendag (partly in Dutch)

Date: 16-17 September 2022

Location: Drents Museum, Asse

Credits: 1 EC

European Later Prehistoric connections – an international ARCHON workshop

As part of the 10th Metaaltijdendag, a workshop is organised in which you have the chance to present and discuss your research approach for a topic/excavation/paper in Later Prehistoric (i.e. Late Neolithic to Iron Age) archaeology as a case-study.

Students that have yet to start or have recently started on their topic in Late Prehistory can present a PechKucha (20 slides for 20 sec each), to present and discuss methodological issues in their topic/approach.

Students that are in a more advanced or completed stage of their study into a topic in Late Prehistory can present a PechKucha (20 slides for 20 sec each), to present and discuss international contextualisation/salience for their topic/results.

Researchers at commercial units excavating or reporting on a Later Prehistoric Settlement can present a PechKucha (20 slides for 20 sec each), to present and discuss methodological issues, or international contextualisation/salience of their project.

A week before the event, the participants are required to email (to: a very brief description of their research objective (e.g. “…I want to study X, by looking at Y and Z”) to allow the expert panel to prepare.

Archon students attending that want ECTS credit, have to send in a brief report on how the discussions have shaped/altered/refined their approach/method/contextualisation to

Preliminary Programme:

Friday 16 September

09:00 – welcome and coffee

10:00 – session 1

  • David Fontijn  How Bronze Age communities perceived and tamed a globalizing world.
  • Karsten Wentink  Things do not simply fall from the sky…
  • Helle Vandkilde (Aarhus University, DK)   The dual/twin principle in the Nordic Bronze Age 
  • Harald Meller (Museum Halle, D)  The World of the Nebra Sky Disc – New Horizons.

12:30 – lunch

  • option to visit the Nebra-exposition

14:00 – session 2

  • Sasja van der Vaart-Verschoof  Chariots on Fire – ontwikkelingen in elite grafgebruik in de midden-ijzertijd.
  • Theo ten Anscher  Where have all the young girls gone? Where have all the young men gone? Het vroegebronstijd-vlakgrafveld van Medel-De Roeskamp.

15:00 – pauze

15:30 – session 3

  • Linda Dielemans. Brons – The Making of…
  • Yvonne van Amerongen  Water en vuur: specifiek beheer van het dynamische vroege ijzertijd landschap te Valkenburg (Z-H) aangetoond op basis van multiproxy onderzoek.
  • Luc Amkreutz  Bronstijd in het RMO.

16:50 – end of day 1

Saturday 17 September

09:15 – welcome and coffee

10:00 – session 1

  • Bastiaan Steffens & Valerio Gentile  Strange by Design: Tollebeek revisited.
  • Neil Wilkin (British Museum, UK)  Staging the World of Stonehenge at the British Museum .
  • Eveline Altena  Final destination: Britain. The role of migration in the formation of the Bronze Age population of Britain based on ancient DNA-analyses. 
  • Axel Muller  De IJzertijd van de Wikselaarse Eng, een opgraving te Voorthuizen.

12:30 – lunch

  • option to visit the Nebra-exposition

14:00 – electives/excursions

  • Wandelexcursie. Archeologie van Drenthe 
  • Excursie. Hunebedcentrum Borger 
  • Rondleiding Armenië Tentoonstelling. Drents Museum

16:50 – end of day 2

Credits: 1 EC through (a) prepping of research question to send in advance to the expert panel,  (b)  preparation & presentation  of PechaKucha, and (c) submitting of revised research plan to Archon grader (see above).

Registration: Please register through the website of Metaaltijden. ARHCON-members can get a refund of the congress costs after the successful submission of the assignment (see ‘credits’). If you are planning to get your credits and ask for a refund, please inform us about this prior to the event by sending an email to:

For more information visit the website or send an email to: