ARCHON presents: our new RMA Steering Committee members!

Since January 2021 we have two new RMA students in our Steering Committee, Sven Ransijn (Leiden University) and Sandra de Regt (Rijksuniversiteit Groningen). The main goal of the Archon steering committee is to brainstorm and come up with inspiring and innovative RMA and PhD education as well as inspiring workshops and conferences to be attended by all members. We asked them to write a short introduction about themselves:


Hi everyone, 

As a new member of the ARCHON Steering Committee, I would like to focus on more diversity within the ARCHON curriculum. As student with a focus on non-European Archaeology, it was challenging to find relevant ARCHON courses for my Research Master programme at Leiden University, in which I combine Caribbean and Computational Archaeology. Region-specific events for the Caribbean, the Americas and other areas in the world were minimal, as were themes surrounding decoloniality, indigeneity, community-based archaeology and public outreach, which are often discussed within my degree. Therefore, I would like to strive for a more balanced, diversified and inclusive curriculum to make sure all the students can find relevant ARCHON events for their degrees. 

So please, if any of you have ideas for future ARCHON events, get in touch with us and we would be more than happy to discuss the possibilities. 

Best wishes, 

Sven Ransijn 


My name is Sandra de Regt and I am a first year Archaeology Research Master student at the University of Groningen. I have always been fascinated by Roman archaeology. For my thesis I investigate a late-Republican and early Imperial villa in Rome’s hinterlands and its relation to other archaeological features in the landscape. I signed up as an Archon Steering Committee member because I find it important to unite different groups of people through interesting archaeological seminars and other related activities. 

Best wishes,

Sandra de Regt


We’re happy to have you in the team!