The Impact of Rome in the Eastern Provinces

The Impact of Rome in the Eastern Provinces: Examining Change & Continuity through the Lens of the Dead

Date: TBA

Venue: University of Groningen. 

Credits: You can receive 1 EC if you attend the conference hand in a written report.

The influence of Rome on the eastern provinces of its Empire has long been a subject of debate, and it is only relatively recently that more methodical and nuanced assessments of change and continuity are being applied to the region. Between Hellenization, Romanization and the impact of colonization, how did the different regions of the Greek East experience the Roman world? The series of lectures presented at this workshop aim to shed light on the recent research from the region and to highlight the different types of archaeological and historical evidence that help us piece together the rather complex and diverse social and cultural consequences of annexation into the empire.

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